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Here are the answers to some FAQ's





BODYKURE is a non-profit Bible based organisation, dedicated to help people in the maintenance and restoration of their health and peace in mind, body and soul.


What do you do?


We host educational presentations, seminars, food preparation classes and training; we do personalised health programs, health therapy treatments.

We help individuals who have serious, terminal and minor ill health to build their health and peace to an optimum state mentally, physically and spiritually.


What does BODYKURE mean?


It is an acronym for the 8 laws of health that if adhered to will result in optimum health.

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Do you diagnose disease?


No, we do not diagnose disease as this is only allowed to be done by medical doctors. What we do do is diagnose deficiencies in the 8 laws of health.


Do you treat or heal diseases?

No, we do not “treat” disease in the conventional way of patching symptoms, and we are not capable of "healing" as this prerogative belongs to God. We work with nature to assist the mind, body and soul to be in optimum health. We all know that the body was created to heal its self, think of a cut finger or broken bone. Therefore it is the body that heals not us healing the body. So ultimately, healing comes from the Creator Exodus 15:26"...I am the Lord that healeth thee."

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