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Five Steps for  Healing &
Optimal Health


Welcome to our space on the web

Just want you to know that we are so glad that you are interested in BODYKURE. Whether you are considering coming to stay with us at our Christian natural healing and health detox retreat, or you want us to talk at your event, we know that what we have to share will be of benefit to you and a blessing to us. We have healthy principles straight out of the bible to share with you, healthy principles which are just now being backed up by modern day science. This wisdom shows the care and love our Creator has for us in restoring our health and preventing illness. We make nutritious delicious plant-based, raw and vegan meals for you that we are sure you will enjoy and we will even show you how to make these dishes and give you more recipes to try at home.   We will do everything we can to help you and make sure that you enjoy your stay at our retreat or at one of our public presentations.  BODYKURE is a non-profit Christian organisation. If you would like to support us financially please donate here or contact us


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