Health Reform Retreat


This is a non-profit Christian, Natural Healing and Detox Retreat  (we like to call it a Health Reform Institute). It is off the grid and semi self sufficient is set in the beautiful countryside of Portland Jamaica.  It has a small cosy home-like atmosphere which will support the achievement of restoration in physical, mental and spiritual health. We have two double bedrooms cabins and can accommodate a maximum of four people. Using the Divinely appointed and scientifically proven eight laws of health and simple health therapies to detox and rebuild the body, the BODYKURE program is tailored to the specific needs of each guest.


The BODYKURE program is designed to build optimal health and build healthy body systems. We focus on good health rather than the disease.  Therefore the BODYKURE program is suitable for any and every health-related condition or concern such as Arthritis, Anemia, Allergies, Auto-Immune Disorders, Cancer, Constipation, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Lupus, Obesity, Smoking, Weight Management and any other related health conditions.

Please note: We are not medical doctors and do not treat disease.


If you or someone you know could benefit by attending please CONTACT US


24 Hour Refresh

1 day and night  £197

BODYKURE 24 hr Refresh programme offers an exclusive therapeutic experience, which will Refresh your whole body & help to boost your natural immune system to help your body fight diseases.


This programme has been designed specifically for those who have a stressful lifestyle & need a break to relax & unwind. Learn how to manage stress naturally.  


This Country Retreat will guide you on a path of renewing your whole body.


You will enjoy the following:-

  • Quiet Accommodation

  • Lessons on Natural Health & Detoxing

  • Plant-based raw meal, juices, cleansing herbs & breakfast

  • Massage & other Therapeutic treatments

  • Exercise program (no yoga of any kind)

  • Peaceful gardens

Stress Reliever

5 Days  £547

BODYKURE 5-Day Stress Reliever & Detox programme offers an cutting-edge detoxification & de-stress programme focusing  on cleansing  the 7 elimination organs of the body & regenerating  the cells using only ‘live’ juices, cleansing herbs, hydrotherapy, massage, delicious raw meals & other treatments. This 5-day programme will really help to boost your natural immune system & de-stress your body which will enable your body to fight diseases, such as: Cancer, Diabetes, High-Blood Pressure, Depression, Heart Disease etc. Few people realize how much stress is a contributor to disease & nearly everyone will struggle with it. So this plan will teach you how to unwind and cope with it that much better. This programme runs Sunday – Friday. We will guide you on a path of renewing & purifying your whole body for better health, a clearer mind and a deeper spiritual life. For added flexibility, you can pay 50% of the price on booking & the rest upon arrival.


You will enjoy the following:-

  • Quiet Accommodation

  • A full cleanse & regeneration programme

  • Lessons on Natural Health & Natural Remedies

  • Cleansing & detoxification drinks, which help to remove over 3,000 known chemicals & toxins.

  • Plant-based raw meals & Juices

  • Massage & other Therapeutic treatments

  • Exercise program (no yoga of any kind)

  • Country walks

  • Peaceful gardens

  • & much, much more

10 Days £997

Our 10 Day Revive programme is detoxifiying and rebuilding and perfect for those who need or want to take a break away from their normal day to day life and focus on their health.  The programme includes a 9 night stay. During your stay our trained, competent therapists will help you implement your BODYKURE. You will also get your own personalised 12 week maintainace programme for you to do at home.


The programme includes cleansing the body internally and externally, raw juice therapy, raw and plant based food (AKA vegan), massage, hydrotherapy and various other health treatments and therapies. There will be informative presentations and discussions which explain the how’s and why’s of everything, along with food preparation classes.

We can accomodate 2 people for this program.



Intensive Natural Care
Minimum 3 weeks

Our Intensive Natural Care programmme is a minimum of 3 weeks live in programme suitable for those who need special attention one on one.  It has been developed for those whose health has deteriorated, who have serious life threatening ill health and who would like to use natural methods for improvement. We can accomodate one person on this program at a time with a support person accompany  them.


This Intensive Care programme is  full of hope, and will be your way of life for the next 3-24 months. Once the desired improvement has been made you can continue with the BODYKURE maintenance program with confidence. It may take longer than 6 months for your body to totally turn around, however, you will see some improvement.


Depending of your circumstance and what is best for your health, this programme may take place in your own home. Due to the individual need of each person prices for this programme will vary


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